IPLAC's Social Media Posting Policy

Learn How To Interact With IPLAC Online

Who Can Engage

IPLAC wants to engage with its members on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

IPLAC's social media channels are limited to its membership as well as other IP professionals in the community.

IPLAC's social channels are not available for use by:

  • legal recruiters,
  • foreign agents and inventors or
  • persons who are seeking IP counsel or help them with their IP problems. 


How To Engage

Members and visitors may:

  • engage with other members
  • post relevant discussions
  • post seminar or educational announcements, 
  • post news related to IP topics

Members and visitors may not: 

  • promote themselves
  • promote their firms or services
  • promote other organizations

IPLAC reserves all rights to monitor, moderate and/or remove any postings at any time. Individuals who repeatedly violate these guidelines may be removed from the group and/or reported to the relevant platform.