Special Feature: Get to Know IPLAC Field Day Committee Chair Evan Kline-Wedeen

Evan Kline-Wedeen is a patent attorney for Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery, and chairs IPLAC’s Field Day Committee.  In this role, Evan plans the golf tournament and other associated side events for IPLAC’s annual Field Day event.

But this year’s Field Day was unlike any other:  Evan had the responsibility (and pressure) of organizing IPLAC’s first major in-person event in over a year.  And it was a smashing success!  

Evan joined IPLAC as a student at Chicago-Kent, drawn to what IPLAC could offer to younger attorneys in terms of networking, events, and helpful resources.  Evan told us, “Everyone I talked to in IPLAC was always willing to offer their help.  It’s a very welcoming organization.” 

Evan has always been a passionate golfer.  He started playing at age ten and he played on his high school team, so the IPLAC Field Day caught his attention early.  He attended his first Field Day shortly after graduating law school, and the next thing he knew, he was asked to chair the committee to organize the next one. 

“The event has been going on for years, but in 2019 when I was Co-Chair with Brian Verbus, we decided to spearhead a new initiative to make the Field Day more accessible to members who aren’t golfers.  We decided to add what we call the ‘Field Games,’ which are non-golf yard-game alternatives like bags, Kan Jam, and ladder ball.” 

Evan also emphasized the inclusiveness of the event.  “The goal of the Field Games is to get everyone out there.  We want to include everyone—even those who have zero experience with golf.  Beyond golf, we have a great dinner afterwards and our reception, where we have an awards ceremony for everyone to participate in.  Field Day is less about the golfing, and more about going outside with your fellow IPLAC members and friends and having a nice day out of the office.” 

That said, Evan also strives to ensure that less experienced golfers feel welcome to play if they’re so inclined.  As he explained, “even if you are not an experienced golfer, you can certainly still enjoy the golf portion of the event.  It’s very informal.  It’s a scramble-format, which takes the intimidation out of the game.” 

If you missed this year’s Field Day, stay tuned for information on next year’s event, which Evan promises will be bigger and better than ever!

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