Call to Action From the USPTO Pro Bono Program

The United States Patent & Trademark Office recently recognized over 100 patent practitioners for volunteering 50 or more hours on patent pro bono programs and over 25 law firms for their participation in 2020.  Each recognized practitioner and law firm received certificates signed by Acting Commissioner for Patents, Andrew Faile, and Depute General Counsel and Director for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, Will Covey.

The 2020 honorees are listed on the USPTO website and include the following IPLAC members:  Rachel Ackerman, Joaquin Hernandez, Kenny Matuszewski, and Randy Micheletti.  Congrats to Rachel, Joaquin, Kenny, and Randy for their committed efforts to serve the community and further IPLAC’s mission.

More than ever, the USPTO needs your time and efforts in order to help financially under-resourced inventors and small businesses engaged in the innovation economy.  The best way to do so is to volunteer for the Patent Pro Bono Program.

The Patent Pro Bono Program gives IPLAC Members who are patent practitioners the unique opportunity to help under-resourced inventors and small businesses file and prosecute patent applications.  For example, IPLAC Members can serve Illinois inventors and innovators by working with the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub.  Learn more about the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub here.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub or have any questions, please contact Roger Rozanski, Director of the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub, at [email protected], or Kenny Matuszewski, at [email protected].

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